Tuesday, November 1, 2011

fall for the front door

so . . . I must admit.

sometimes, I'm a mean mom.

but I must say, my most favorite tool of meanness is employed
around Halloween.

we have a rule regarding candy wrappers.

yes . . . those lovely little things.

now, if "waste not, want not" is a personal mantra.  

<you  may
to skip
 ahead in your reading>

if I find one on the floor, stairs,
chair, couch  (you get the idea) . . . i get to pick a piece of candy
out of each child's bag and throw it away.

yes . . . throw it away or hide it until i can eat it in my closet.

it's fabulous!

my kiddos place the litter where is belongs,
and /or i get to dispose of
the sugary goodness.

so far it's worked.  unfortunatlely only one piece has met it's maker.

well, to redeem myself from this wasteful thinking
and along with other money scrimping reasons
when I saw a fall wreath that i fell in love with.

i decided i could attempt a wreath with
"materials on hand"

such as:
-a leafy wreath
- polka dot ribbon
-a cute little letter "R"

first, i glued on the pumpkins and gourds.

next, added the polka dot ribbon.

 (did you know i love polka dots?!)

excuse me . . .

i must be off to hunt for candy wrappers!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a polka dot pumpkin

during this past weekend, i enjoyed spending time with family,
eating, learning and crafting.

my second oldest daughter (beaner) wanted to do a craft.

this is what she chose to do.

step one

we found some cute wood pumpkins.

step two 

picked out a few cute papers

step three

traced and cut out the shapes

step four

painted the edges

does anybody else use old pie tins for crafting?!

step five

applied mod podge, and then the paper.  last, smoothed it out.

step six

sanded the block, the stem, and the edges of the paper.

and here they are.

they look great on my entry way table.

thanks beaner!

let the holiday crafting frenzy begin!

party places:
one tough mom
someday crafts

Thursday, September 29, 2011

just so quote a bowl

so. sometimes i can be a little tardy

birthday cards/presents,

going to bed

getting out of bed (especially if running is involved)

or setting up a craft blog . . .

well.  i just made a present for my mother-in-law.

her birthday was in may.

it's september.

i hope she knows we love her, regardless.

here are the details . . .
step one
i found this beautiful bowl @ target for $19

step two
 picking a quote to put on the bowl.
(the hardest part for me)

i spent a good chunk of time searching
for a suitable quote.

i was originally thinking something along the lines of eating/home/family.

but nothing was speaking to me.

and then i found the ONE  . . .

step three
cut out the vinyl
step four
*dotty tip*
i used an extra large rubber band to mark a straight line around the bowl.

then, i penciled along the rubber band and applied the vinyl.

and . . .

here it is.

the full quote is:
"Old people shouldn't eat health food, they need all the preservatives they can get."

i was thrilled to hear it's already been used.

drum roll please.

i'm linking to my first parties with this post.

wish me luck, i'd love any and all feedback.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a dotty rug

get ready.

get set.


so I know this post was shared almost eighteen months ago.  but just incase someone missed it.   personally I was not fully enjoying the blogging scene way back then.

thus my "late-bloomer" entrance into the blogging scene.

i'm thankful for those who have blazed the craft trail and that i can be inspired by their work.

here ya go.
polka dot runner/rug @ tatertotsandjello


go here  for the delicious details!

if you have made one of these many moons previous.  i would love to see how it turned out.

p.s. take note of the "do NOT put in the dryer" info.

cupcake liner witch hats

cupcake liners + polka dots= the cutest little witch cupcakes ever!

{for instructions on how to make these simple AND darling witch hats from half baked }

click Here.

I'm thinking orange and white polkadot liners would be a great pairing with the black and white.