Tuesday, November 1, 2011

fall for the front door

so . . . I must admit.

sometimes, I'm a mean mom.

but I must say, my most favorite tool of meanness is employed
around Halloween.

we have a rule regarding candy wrappers.

yes . . . those lovely little things.

now, if "waste not, want not" is a personal mantra.  

<you  may
to skip
 ahead in your reading>

if I find one on the floor, stairs,
chair, couch  (you get the idea) . . . i get to pick a piece of candy
out of each child's bag and throw it away.

yes . . . throw it away or hide it until i can eat it in my closet.

it's fabulous!

my kiddos place the litter where is belongs,
and /or i get to dispose of
the sugary goodness.

so far it's worked.  unfortunatlely only one piece has met it's maker.

well, to redeem myself from this wasteful thinking
and along with other money scrimping reasons
when I saw a fall wreath that i fell in love with.

i decided i could attempt a wreath with
"materials on hand"

such as:
-a leafy wreath
- polka dot ribbon
-a cute little letter "R"

first, i glued on the pumpkins and gourds.

next, added the polka dot ribbon.

 (did you know i love polka dots?!)

excuse me . . .

i must be off to hunt for candy wrappers!